Smart Container Chain Management (SMART-CM)

Smart Container Chain Management (SMART-CM)

Client / User: EU

Start / End Date: December 2008 – July 2011


The project responses to the trade and transport industry urgent request for achieving improved efficiency, while satisfying increased security, in global door-to-door intermodal container transport chains management.

In practical terms this could be stated as the ability for:
– Continuous monitoring of the container and the consignment’s passageway through the whole chain with the use of interoperable, cost effective container security technologies
– Quick customs clearance of the containers at “checking” points, through technical integration of multiple technologies and “neutral” provision of customs related information in a standardized & preferably “unique” way for all customs authorities involved in the chain.
– Easy access to “services”, “commercial transactions” and “tools” for total chain quality and visibility improvement with main emphasis on managing unexpected situations and minimize cost resulted from container “management by exception”.
– “Free” selection of ports, handling companies and other actors to be involved in the container intermodal transportation as a result of “global industry standards” implementation that will cover the technological as well as the commercial, organizational and business aspects of the trade.
– Access and use of container transport related information from different sources (Platforms of security devices technology providers, port MIS systems, fleet cargo monitoring systems, traffic management systems etc) in a “technology-agnostic” way for implementing cost effective container transport chain planning and operation management.
In responding to these requirements SMART-CM concept is to develop, test & demonstrate “single window” interoperability architecture for container supply chain management by:
– Making use of existing technologies,
– Offering technological solutions for interopeable and seamless data exchange between all the parties of the chain irrespectively of the technology they are using for data capture
– Interfacing with existing service platforms for container management
– Defining a neutral platform mechanism and compliant applications for secure and interoperable data communications with international customs
– Incorporating new B2B and B2A services for adding efficiency to the chain visibility and actors cooperation.
– Making proof of “innovative solutions” (e.g.dynamic re-scheduling capabilities) that will enable better understanding and operation of the total container transport business.
– Considering & analyzing standardization, market & business operation, as well as logistics issues concerning the future operation of door-to-door container chains.

The development, demonstration and the after project duration, operation of the “SMART_CM platform” is the major “technological component” of the project balanced concept for achieving efficient & secure door-to-door container chain management in the future.