Management Framework for Intelligent Intermodal Transport (FREIGHTWISE)

Management Framework for Intelligent Intermodal Transport (FREIGHTWISE)

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Customer: EU

Duration: October 2006 – May 2010

FREIGHTWISE is an integrated project within the EU’s 6th Framework Programme that aims at bringing together three different sectors:
– Transport Management: shippers, forwarders. Operators and agents; – Traffic and Infrastructure Management: Rail, Road, Sea, Inland waterways; – Administration: Customs, Border Crossing, Hazardous Cargo, Safety and Security.
The FREIGHTWISE project will support the co-operation of these sectors in order to develop and demonstrate suitable intermodal transport solutions in a range of business cases. The project shall support the complex service integration into integrated transport chains. The technical expertise in the project will focus on the development of reference architecture for intermodal transport and the integration of relevant IT systems—including legacy systems—in the business cases.

Role of TREDIT:
– Leader of work-package on requirement generator for FREIGHTWISE framework – FREIGHTWISE framework architecture – Intermodal management services – Validation of FREIGHTWISE framework – Coordinator of Case G Southeast – Case H Southeast