Effective operation in ports (EFFORTS)

Effective operation in ports (EFFORTS)

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Customer: EU

Duration: May 2006 – April 2010

Increasing globalization i.e. world-wide distribution of production and consumption results in continuous increase of trade and transport. Even if competition between and within ports is increasing, there are areas common for almost all EU-ports where improvements are feasible on a pre-competitive level to benefit from technological opportunities in order to strengthen the ports position within the European intermodal environment.
Improved port efficiency will contribute to the integration of modes and services into a single system. The market trend is towards capital concentration, specialization and vertical integration. The provision of port services is gradually being transferred from the public to the private sector in order to increase efficiency and reduce public expenditure on port labour costs. The FP-6 DG Research Integrated Project “Effective Operations in Ports (EFFORTS)” will improve both, the competitiveness of European port operations and the quality of the ports labour conditions and market, being a prominent one in coastal regions.

Role of TREDIT:
– Leader of task on specification of framework for the development and monitoring of interoperability solutions – Leader of task on design and development of planning and management tools for port process optimization – Leader of task on pilot installation