Transport cost assessment for the companies of Northern Greece

Transport cost assessment for the companies of Northern Greece


Customer: Federation of Industries of Northern Greece (FING)

Duration: September 2001 – December 2001

The study aims at demonstrating whether the transport cost and other related factors surcharge companies located at specific areas of Northern Greece more than respective companies of other regions. More specifically, if focuses on the following two objectives:
– To assess the transport cost of N. Greece companies per region
– To identify the routes where transport cost is particularly high
A two-fold methodological approach is adopted:
– Transport cost is assessed by the companies themselves as a percentage of their annual turnover. The respective data, as well as complementary data on the operation and competitiveness of those companies’ logistics systems, are collected on the basis of a questionnaire compiled by TRD and addressed to a sample of companies-members of FING.
– The transport cost for particular products/unit loads along selected routes is assessed by hauliers/freight forwarders.
The final study results emerge from the synthesis of both surveys’ findings, taking into consideration collected information outlining the general profile of N. Greece companies and the wider environment where they operate in.

Role of TREDIT:
– Identification and elaboration of the general approach and the individual methodological steps adopted
– Detailed identification of the data to be collected
– Compilation of the companies survey questionnaire and elaboration of its results
– Identification of the routes-products combinations used for the transport
-cost assessment by hauliers/freight forwarders Elaboration of the respective
-survey results.
– Synthetic analysis, results interpretation and assessment of the surcharge
 imposed to products of specific N. Greece regions