Warehouse Layout and Organisation Study

Warehouse Layout and Organisation Study



Duration: March 1999 – July 2001

The study is being undertaken on behalf of TZOURDAS SA, a company operating in the area of automotive spare parts. The study addresses the following areas:
1. Warehouse layout design
– assessment of warehousing space needs
– selection of appropriate storage and handling equipment
– design of internal and external freight flows
– assessment of the relevant costs
2. Operational organisation
– codification / labeling
– organisation of product receipt and despatch
– definition of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
3. Informational organisation
– analysis of existing warehouse space management software applications
– analysis of existing technologies in relation to warehousing and distribution (bar coding, RF communications, EDI)
– cost estimation of an integrated warehouse management information system
4. Administrative organisation
– assessment of required human resources
– development of job profile specifications

Role of TREDIT:
– Logistics Management Consultant