TELEmatics supported workFLOW analysis and business process enhancement – TELEFLOW

TELEmatics supported workFLOW analysis and business process enhancement – TELEFLOW


Customer: EU, DG XIII ATT

Duration: February 1996 – February 1999

Tomorrow’s competition will no longer take place among single companies, but among Value Systems. A Value System (VS) is the organisational set-up of all supply chain actors co-operating in the form of networks of companies that are dynamically formed to realise short opportunity windows in the marketplace. The challenge of competitive VSs will be the integration of geographically distributed sites and companies (virtual organisations) towards the one customer service solution. The TELEflow approach aims at supporting global virtual manufacturing network re-design projects by a telematics based integration of the supply chain; it focuses on the management of the value (added) chain and the analysis of work & information flows along the supply chain.
TELEflow will provide a framework that allows managers to structure the complexity of the VS, and understand their role in it. Best practice examples will be provided to assist them. Methods and tools will also be developed for improving the competitiveness of the Value System and for enhancing the VS-Integration process.
Finally, based on the TELEflow VS Process Reengineering methodology the combination of advanced State-of-the-Art Logistics and ICT Solutions will cater for the VS Integration in the real world. Real life pilots (including SMEs in the Transport industry) will demonstrate and validate the whole TELEflow approach. A User Group will be open for interested.

Role of TREDIT:
– State-of-the-art analysis of the supply chain management
– Functional specifications of the system