Sustainable Urban and Regional Freight Flows – SURFF

Sustainable Urban and Regional Freight Flows – SURFF


Customer: EU, DG XIII ATT Programme

Duration: January 1996 – December 1998

Within the SURFF project, telematics solutions will be developed, tested and validated that improve the accessibility of information systems within freight centres for all actors involved and support the sustainability of freight flows in interurban areas. SURFF will develop telematics solutions aimed at four different levels. The network operation of freight centres will be supported by exchanging EDIFACT messages between freight centres and by sending information about the goods flow well in advance of the physical transportation. The operation and service of a single freight center is improved as shared communication and information platform (SCIP) will be defined, where the individual logistics operations (transhipment, warehousing, etc) and the different modes are integrated, where common services as for example a shared mobile communication server are offered and interfaces to customs and other authorities are constructed. Specific attention will be paid to the needs of SMEs which represent the main target group to be installed within freight centres. With the telematics tools being implemented in seven European cities, SURFF will get validation results on a broad spectrum of prevailing conditions which prove the interoperability of the systems developed across modes and countries. By this means, SURFF will contribute to a more efficient and environmentally friendly freight distribution in cities and regions.

Role of TREDIT:
– Identification and prioritisation of users’ requirements
– Development of an evaluation platform for urban freight centres
– Individual pilot and overall system evaluation