Cooperation for Novel City Electronic Regulating Tools – CONCERT

Cooperation for Novel City Electronic Regulating Tools – CONCERT


Customer: EU, DG XIII ATT

Duration: December 1997 – May 2000

The CONCERT project is basically concerned with policy and applications that have as objective to restrict and reduce the demand of using private cars especially in the cities center. The CONCERT project foresees the use of smart demand management tools to favor public modes of travel instead of private car usage. A coordinated European demonstrator is proposed based on multiple sites to measure the strength of different techniques (tariff incentives, road-use management/ restraint and ravelled information).
The city of Thessaloniki is one of eight pilot cities in this project which are Barcelona, Bologna, Bristol, Dublin, Hanover, Marseilles and Trondheim. In the city of Thessaloniki, the THETIS (Thessaloniki Traveller Information System) demonstrator will focus on two main tools of Demand management, namely, Zone Access Control for a selected area at the city center and the implementation of an extensive information system around the city center to provide on-line information to the traffic heading towards the city center regarding air pollution, parking availability congestion, etc. The impact on traffic congestion and the achievements in the modal shift towards public transport will be measured and assessed in this implementation.

Role of TREDIT:
– Technical co-ordinator of the Thessaloniki CONCERT pilot
– Design of the Zone Access Control and the information system
– Impact assessment and evaluation of the Demand Management tools implementation
– Study of the users responses and behaviour
– Transferability and prediction of European benefits of full scale implementation