Strategic and Business Plan for Herakleion Port Authority

Strategic and Business Plan for Herakleion Port Authority


Customer: Herakleion Port Authority

Duration: August 2003 – July 2004

This project concerns the study for the elaboration of the Herakleion Port Authority (HePA) Master and Business Plan and the Port areas Exploitation Plan. The Master Plan (S.P.) sets the HePA long-term goals, for the fulfillment of the Port Authority objectives and the methodology for their accomplishment. The Business Plan (B.P.) elaborates the Master Plan goals and defines the methodology for their implementation More specifically, the study includes:
•Master Plan goals definition and analysis
• HePA external environment analysis
• Internal environment analysis and evaluation
• Configuration of the HePA strategic framework context of development
• Forecasting of the financial results
• Business Plan implementation planning
• Implementation of the Business Plan
• Port internal and external areas exploitation planning
• Management contract configuration
• Preliminary Master Plan

Role of TREDIT:
– Master Plan development
– The Port internal and external areas analysis
– Specification of the future aims and strategy for: the Port national and international cargo flows, its connection with the other transport networks, the other Port services, the Port organization and staffing.
– Forecasting concerning the Port activities
– Planning of implementation actions