Monitoring and Safety Technology implementation for the Logistics chain at the sector of Petrol and Gasoline products

Monitoring and Safety Technology implementation for the Logistics chain at the sector of Petrol and Gasoline products


Customer: General secretariat of Research & Technology

Duration: December 2003 – November 2006

The project aims to import sustainable optimization processes in liquid fuel transportation in Greece. This will be achieved developing proper tools that will improve efficiency, cost and safety on liquid fuels transportation. Simultaneously, the development of tools that they support and provide fast and effective management of transport operation, via information management, offers significant improvement of services to consumers.
This project focuses on the use of existing technologies and growth new technologies that intend to a total model solution, for the follow-up, the management in real time of the logistic chain of fuels. It is unique project that is executed in the concrete sector by purely Greek companies. The project will develop, complete and demonstrate technological solutions (sub systems). Most concretely:
– Telematics system for follow-up the fleet of tank-trucks.
– System of telemetry for follow-up the load of fuels,
– System of follow-up the safety indicators of tank-trucks
– System of follow-up and telemetry the tanker ship
– Decision making support system for the organisation of the network service and the most optimal management of resources.
The system includes the installation of vehicle telemetry stations, tanker telemetry stations and control center, and the assessment of relative repercussions and advantages concerning the prevailing available techniques in terms of environmental, economic and social utilities. This sub systems will communicate in real time with the control centre of combination logistic chain with use of technology GPRS and will be completed with the management system of resources and reserves from the logistic chain, providing support to the most optimal planning for the network customers service.
The action of proposed project will be realised to the logistic chain of company ELINOIL for the service of continental and islander band of country to the company distribution centres in Greece. The particular logistic chain is characterized by the pioneering combination of tanker ship and tank-truck.

Role of TREDIT:
– Telematics system requirements for the management of the firing logistics chain into Greece
– Telematic systems specifications
– Development of a decision support system for the best management of logistic’s chain
– Participation at the evaluation of the final system