Automatic Debiting and Electronic Payment for Transportation II – ADEPT II

Automatic Debiting and Electronic Payment for Transportation II – ADEPT II


Customer: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Duration: March 1997 – May 1998

The ADEPT II (Automatic Debiting and Electronic Payment for Transport) is one of the main European research and development projects in the field of travel demand management and Automatic Debiting Systems
The basic concept of ADEPT II is to integrate the electronic payment systems for transport services through the use of a single equipment (called transponder or tag) with smart card
The Thessaloniki site is one of three major sites selected for the ADEPT project which includes the sites of Helsinki and Gothenburg, other additional five sites (including Oslo, Frankfurt, Amsterdam are involved as follower sites. In the site of Thessaloniki, the demonstrator focuses on the integration of smart cards based payment systems that involve interurban tolling, parking and public transport.
The main work is oriented in the first stages of the project to the users needs and the technical aspects such as the functional design and technical specifications of the electronic systems of payment for tolling, parking and public transport and then in later stages on the integration of these services into a single main application with main focus on the legal and institutional issues associated with this implementation.
The demonstration and validation phase includes an extensive methodology and field surveys for the evaluation and validation of the implementation and the impacts on travel behavior and the travel demand.

Role of TREDIT:
– Design of electronic payment systems for tolling, parking and public transport
– Integration of the different payment system in a single smart card based equipment
– Technical evaluation of the Integrated payment system
– Recommendation for the standardisation activities of smart cards
– Design of tool box for data protection and security associated with smart card applications