Services / Products

The company’s structure consists of four divisions, with specialized personnel under the direction of the respective head of division.
These are:

  • Traffic & ITS
  • Logistics & SCM
  • New Technologies & Innovation
  • Applications Design and Development

The main activities of each division are the following:

Traffic & ITS

  • Design and Study of Transport Systems Strategic development
  • Support and Formulation of Transport Policies
  • Techno economical Studies of Transport Infrastructures Development and Evaluation
  • Traffic Engineering Studies and Traffic Management for Urban and Interurban areas
  • Road Construction and other transport infrastructure studies (ports, airports)
  • Road Safety studies
  • Traffic and Environmental impact studies
  • Feasibility Studies and Investment Evaluation
  • Decision Support Tools and Systems, in the transport sector
  • Implementation studies and Construction management
  • Development of transport forecasting models

Logistics & SCM

  • Strategic planning of Logistics systems
  • Logistics Business Plans
  • Feasibility studies
  • Design and Organization of Logistics Terminals
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Organization and Management of Freight Transport Systems
  • Implementation of IT projects

New Technologies & Innovation

  • Technical studies for Intelligent Transport Systems analysis and design
  • Benchmarking in the framework of new technologies implementation for transport companies and Organizations
  • Business and Strategic planning of ITS in the transport sector
  • Project Management, and, Organization of Intelligent transport implementation projects
  • Intelligent Transport Systems Evaluation, Impacts Assessment and Systems Optimization recommendations

Applications Design and Development

  • Telematics Applications Design – System Architecture
  • Development and Installation of Integrated Information Systems (hardware – software) in the following thematic areas:
    • E-commerce and E-Business
    • Tracking & Tracing
    • Terminals/ Warehouse management systems
  • Relevant Techno economical feasibility studies