Traffic & ITS

:: The Traffic & ITS Division of TREDIT S.A. occupies most experienced Engineers with high constitution on the various technical items. They work on traditional items of a Transport Engineer as well as on items that meet efficiently the increased and multilateral requirements of the modern infrastructure projects.

:: The know-how and organization of the Division ensure the provision of integrated services including: transportation systems planning, development / management of transport infrastructures in Greece and abroad, new technologies application implementation aiming at the systems organization optimization and their most efficient exploitation, investment schemes technical support, monitoring of all technical works implementation stages – from the execution of the relevant construction studies and the construction management itself, to the project completion. The cooperation with the rest Divisions of the company guarantees the multi-level approach and execution of complex objectives.

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Fields of Expertise

Transport Policy and Transportation Systems

  • Road, rail, air and maritime transport networks strategic planning and optimization.
  • Traffic studies.

Transportation Infrastructures Development

  • Techno-economic studies and evaluation of the transport infrastructures.
  • Strategic plan studies, terminal-dimensioningstudies.
  • Business plan studies for the development of new rail and maritime transportation services.
  • Maritime transport management and safety.

Urban Transport Studies

  • Urban areas traffic organization and road network nodes planning studies.
  • Public transports organization studies.
  • Parking policy studies and management measures implementation schemes.
  • Road network signalization studies.
  • Urban areas pedestrian zones network planning and passenger flow analysis studies.

Road Safety Policies and Traffic Management

  • Urban and suburban networks venturous ness analysis.
  • Road safety optimization measures implementation studies.
  • Before and after studies for the interventions’ evaluation.
  • Policy formulation schemes on the road safety.

Feasibility Studies and Investments Evaluation

  • Techno-economic network analysis.
  • Passenger future demand estimation on transport axes.
  • Public means routing feasibility studies.
  • Rail services and networks cost analysis.
  • Regional business programs evaluation.
  • Transport infrastructure development investments evaluation in the context of regional programs.

Decision Support Tools and Systems in the Field of Transports

  • Forecast transportation models development.
  • Surveying – Data analysis.
  • Geographical Information Systems.
  • Traffic measurements statistical analysis.
  • Intersections traffic capacity analysis.
  • Signalization programs evaluation and optimization.
  • User requirements analysis.

Technical Works Implementation

  • Infrastructure investments pre-study / research and strategic planning.
  • Dossier preparation for borrowing or bounty request.
  • Construction infrastructure studies – implementation permits.
  • Construction time-scheduling and organization.
  • Construction supervision.
  • Technical and administrative project support.