New Technologies & Innovation

:: The Division of New Technologies and Innovation of Transeuropean Consultants for Transport, Development and Information Technology S.A. (TREDIT S.A.) focuses on consulting, research and implementation projects in the area of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), smart card applications, home automation, and products/services for People with Special Needs (PSN).

:: Through a multidisciplinary team of mechanical, transport, electrical engineers, programmers and human factors experts it covers all types of relevant problems, ranging from transport system’s operations to users behavior (i.e. drivers) and/or to the development and introduction of innovation in Transport and other Organizations and companies, thus creating know-how for the entire company, as well as providing integrated, effective solutions to its clients.

:: The division closely supports many Public Authorities (i.e. Traffic control and /or Transport Administrations, Local Municipalities, Rehabilitation Centers and Hospitals) as well as Ministries in the development and application of new technologies for the improvement of their services, with emphasis on Telematics.

:: In parallel, the division participates in many projects with major European car and automotive parts manufacturers, manufacturers of domestic appliance, as well as manufacturers / supplies of aids for RSN (i.e. vehicle adaptations, wheelchairs).

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Fields of Expertise

  • Public Transport control and management system.
  • Urban and Rural Transport control and management systems.
  • Information and guidance systems.
  • Smart card application.
  • Electronic payment for Transport systems.
  • Machine condition monitoring systems.
  • Applications to support the independent transportation and autonomous living of Elderly and Disabled (E&D).
  • Multimedia and database applications in all the above areas.

Pilot Applications

  • Multi-application smart card applications in the Transport and Health domains.
  • Automatic Toll collection systems.
  • In-vehicle telematic applications, such as high precision and optimum user interfaces driver information and warming, systems driver and vehicle monitoring systems, accurate vehicle location systems, etc.
  • Passenger and driver information systems via road side equipment, the web and mobile devices.
  • Condition monitoring in train and vehicle parts applications and car adaptations for PSN.
  • Wheelchair design and crash-worthiness simulations.
  • Home automation applications for E&D.