Advanced Road Transport Electronic Management Information Systems – ARTEMIS

Advanced Road Transport Electronic Management Information Systems – ARTEMIS


Customer: EU DGXIII

Duration: January 1999 – March 2001

Increasingly there are signs that the demand for logistics services is undergoing a fundamental change in character. The new paradigm is for Demand-Driven Freight Transport Systems (DDFTS), which must meet the requirements of a new approach to order management. Instead of supply chain actors operating in organisational silos, the tendency now is for the different actors to establish common goals and manage the supply chain as a single entity by unifying previously fragmented business processes. JIT manufacturing in the automotive sector, QR supply to retail outlets and ECR in the grocery industry, are three innovative examples of the trend towards DDFTS. For a company to be capable of working within such an environment, timely and efficient information provision and processing is required, to drive all related functions within the whole supply chain. As a result, the development and integration of information systems between the suppliers of products and their customers, become a major prerequisite.
The above mentioned trends are at the heart of the ARTEMIS project, whose objectives can be summarised in the following points:
• to determine the functional specifications and develop an architecture of an integrated, telematics-based, information system that will support the operation of DDFTS
• to develop working interfaces interconnecting existing applications of the different supply chain actors
• to validate these interfaces through verification and demonstration in real life pilots
• to assess the managerial and organisational implications of commercially sensitive information sharing

Role of TREDIT:
– Overall Project Co-ordinator
– Current situation analysis
– User requirements Analysis
– Evaluation of the greek pilot application