Simulation and IT-Solutions Applications in the Baltic Port Areas of the Newly Associated States (IST-2001-33030) – BALTPORTS-IT

Simulation and IT-Solutions Applications in the Baltic Port Areas of the Newly Associated States (IST-2001-33030) – BALTPORTS-IT


Customer: Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation (FhG-IFF)

Duration: September 2001 – August 2003

BALTPORTS-IT is a project funded by the European Commission (IST Programme – Accompanying Measures), which promotes the integration of organisations based in the Newly Associated States (NAS) in the development of IT solutions for maritime applications. It aims at promoting and supporting the dissemination of knowledge gained during the execution of the successfully completed EC-funded projects AMCAI, DAMAC-HP, SPHERE and the Lithuanian regional research project ITMK, as well as the industrial utilisation of this knowledge and the related transfer of technologies, simulation models and information systems.
The project comprises of the following main components:
• Set-up, in Riga (Latvia), of the Baltic sub-regional Competence Centre for promoting and supporting the distribution of research knowledge in the field of advanced IT-solutions and simulation with maritime applications
• Dissemination of research knowledge gained in the above mentioned projects in the area of IT solutions and simulation of harbour management
• Industrial customisation and exploitation of the above mentioned projects’ results by involving user groups in the Baltic region
• Development of recommendations for the application of the results thus creating new market opportunities
• Creating opportunities for the training of specialists in maritime information systems design and port logistics by using web-based technologies and open distance learning courses.

Role of TREDIT:
– Contribution of its know-how on port process re-engineering gained in the course of the SPHERE project
– Responsibility for tutorials on the same subject, undertaken within the project scope
– Consideration of the operational feasibility of possible changes the project partners would wish to make to the port process simulator developed initially in SPHERE and further developed within BALTPORTS-IT
– Assistance with verification and testing of the further developed port process simulator
– Assistance and support in the development of the project’s exploitation plans.