Worldwide Emergency Telemedicine Services – WETS

Worldwide Emergency Telemedicine Services – WETS


Customer: DG XIII

Duration: January 1998 – June 2000

The objective of the project is to demonstrate the feasibility and effectiveness of a common infrastructure able to give support to any mobile unit in case of medical emergency on land, sea, and air. The technologies used for the achievement of the above include:
• Communication technologies, i.e. GSM, satellite, radio, ISDN
• Positioning systems, i.e. GPS
• Data transmission systems
• Decision support tools, i.e. multimedia medical guide
WETS exploits the findings of two major health care project, namely HECTOR and MERMAID. It will develop three extended pilot implementations, in Italy, Greece, and Spain, and two additional sites in Denmark and Iceland. The main activity will be the validation on a large scale, involving a quite broad range of user-groups, both at the end-user level and at the market level. In order to end up with a real product, relevant partners of the consortium are already committed to start in one year from the beginning of the project, an exploitation plan of the product through the constitution of a European Group of Economic Interest.
Through its end, the project will produce a European scale business plan for the commercial exploitation of emergency telemedicine services.
The WETS pilot implementations will provide preliminary but viatal business cases of such plan, giving an immediate validation and feedback to its content.

Role of TREDIT:
– Development of the Greek pilot application (Kos island). Compatibility control of the IRENE system, to existing technological standards