Traffic and Cargo Supervision System – TRACAR

Traffic and Cargo Supervision System – TRACAR


Customer: EU, DG XIII, ATT Programme

Duration: December 1996 – June 1998

The project introduced and established a common telematic system / model for the identification, positioning, supervision and management of cargo units in terminals, on road, rail, sea and other water routes, or combined transport modes (Combi-Trans), based on non-battery-powered transceiver technology.
TRACAR was based on the use of :
• Existing low frequency transceiver technology (Radio Frequency Identification),
• Existing computer, radio and satellite technology,
• Existing road and railway transport equipment and infrastructure.
TRACAR contributed to the fulfillment of the European Communities freight transport policies in the following way:
• The proposed system allows the users of Trans-national transports to reduce transporting costs using the Combi-Trans, and at the same time obtaining a higher secure and enduser friendly transport services.
TRACAR aimed at helping the European Communities in its efforts for a reduction of energy / fuel consumption, a reduction of the environmental pollutions, to finding a solution to the congestion problems in the European Road Network, and to ensuring interoperability of the trans-European network for combined transport.

Role of TREDIT:
– Technology evaluation
– Pilots demonstration and evaluation