Multi application Smart Card system for Hotels – SMART HOTEL

Multi application Smart Card system for Hotels – SMART HOTEL


Customer: Ministry of Development

Duration: September 2001 – March 2003

The competition, the needs for improved low cost services, but also the needs for the projection of a company, cause the proper requirements for the development of new applications that will best exploit the new technologies in order to meet the needs of the up-to-date companies. The 2004 Olympic Games make the need for the application of innovative operations even more intense as far as hospitality issues for the Olympic team members are concerned. The Government has already proceeded in an agreement with the hotels for the improvement of their services.
On the other hand, Smart Cards offer an ideal solution in environments where there is the need for multiple services. This also constitutes the starting point for the implementation of advanced applications using smart cards in hotels (Smart Hotel).
Smart Hotel is an integrated system for the provision and management of services using smart cards. These services cover a wide range of activities in the customer – Hotel relation, but also employees-Hotel. The basic services of the Smart Hotel system are:
• Identification of holder characteristics
• Room access control and operations’ adjustment E-Purse

Role of TREDIT:
– Results’ Promotion and exploitation
-S/W implementation for the multi-application smart card operation for the provision of integrated services to Hotels
– Creation of a commercial product