INtegrated Telematics for Advanced Communication in Transport – INTACT

INtegrated Telematics for Advanced Communication in Transport – INTACT


Customer: EU, DG XIII

Duration: January 1998 – May 2000

With the increased implementation and use of telematics it has become clear that in order to use transport telematic application in efficient and effective way in freight transport, the various stand alone applications in the office of the transport companies need to be integrated. However, the telematic application integration is cumbersome and expensive due to lack of common interfaces.Using this position as starting point, the main objectives of the INTACT project is: To develop generic tool to facilitate the realization of integrated management systems in freight transport and to validate this tool through pilot demonstrations in various transport companies in Europe.
The INTACT project results will consist of (among others):
• A conceptual information model that serves as a common platform for the integration of telematic applications used by transport companies in Europe.
• Working interfaces connecting various internal telematic applications in the offices of 4 transport companies, as well as, external applications with e.g. shippers, multimodal operators and/ or suppliers.
• Validate results of integrated telematic applications through verification and demonstration in real life conditions at the 4 representative transport companies, included in the project.
• Dissemination of the results aimed at two target groups:
– Potential users (= transport companies) of integrated telematic applications in order to accelerate the adoption and use of such freight management systems.v – Suppliers of freight telematic systems in order to stimulate them to provide applications which accommodate easy, standardized, integration with other applications.

Role of TREDIT:
– Building of conceptual information model
– Exploitation Plan