Intelligent, Intermodal travel planning and reservation system for combined passenger transport – INTELLECT

Intelligent, Intermodal travel planning and reservation system for combined passenger transport – INTELLECT


Customer: General Secretariat of Research & Technology

Duration: November 2003 – April 2006

The project “Intelligent, intermodal travel planning and reservation system for combined passenger transport” (INTELLECT), proposes the development of a platform that will mainly address the needs of the final user, but also of companies that are active in the transport/tourism field. The platform will be able to link data bases of various transport modes (air – maritime – rail), and synthesize an intermodal trip scenario based on the user’s profile and parameters such as the cost, time and perceived comfort. Such a system will also provide information to the user for the best available transportation between transit stations (port – airport – railway station) and will carry out the reservation of all tickets for all modes “involved” in the selected scenario by also linking to various reservation systems or CRSs.
Projects targets are:
– Thorough analysis of the Greek Intermodal Transport System’s needs, as well as identification of the relevant guidelines, standards, legal frameworks and state of the art at European level, in order to provide with a complete list of system requirements
– Developments of a platform that will interface to different data bases that contain itinerary and availability data from various modes of transport. The particular sub system will carry out the management of primary data retrieved by external databases.
– Development of a GIS sub system with digital mapping background that will carry out the presentation, in map format, of the origin-destination points as well as the intermediate transit stations.
– Development of a user’s profile and preferences management sub system that will acknowledge the basic needs of the user.
– Development of an intermodal trip planning system that will be based on the users’ criteria and preferences.
– Development of an availability and reservation management system that will meet the user needs for intermodal trips in Greece.
– Development of a secure sub system that will carry out the tickets’ payment and clearing processes.
– Development of a user-friendly and easy to use Internet portal through which the users could seek alternative travels modes and booking for intermodal transport.
Integration of all above-mentioned sub systems in a complete system that will provide information and booking via the Internet or wap portals.

Role of TREDIT:
– Analysis of current situation for multi-modal transport service provision and current legislation, standards and technologies in Europe
– Development of a multi-modal trip planning system based on travelers profile and preferences