Automatic debiting and electronic payment for transport – ADEPT

Automatic debiting and electronic payment for transport – ADEPT


Customer: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Duration: 1992 – 1995

The basic concept of the ADEPT project was built around the development of a single multi-purpose smart card and transponder providing for all the payment needs on all forms of transport. The ADEPT Technology is based on two way communication links between Road side and in-vehicle equipment using microwave 5.8 Ghz as communication media.
The ADEPT consortium was built around a consortium group drawn from two successful project in DRIVE I (namely, PAMELA and SMART) and four field trial to validate the core concept of ADEPT in Thessaloniki, Gothenburg, Lisbon and Cambridge. Although the basic technology for all the field trials is common, the range of applications was quite large covering parking booking & payment in Lisbon, non stop multilane tolling in Thessaloniki and Gothenburg and congestion pricing in Cambridge.
The end product of ADEPT was a common and open in-vehicle system that was used in different transport applications across all the sites. This was the prototype transponder and the contact smart card.

Role of TREDIT:
– Design and operation of electronic multilane toll collection system
– Integration between tolling video enforcement and the control center
– Technical and economic evaluation of the electronic system